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Branding & Web Stores

Spey Brothers

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Spey Brothers is a Finnish fly fishing brand with a modern high end product line. We created a unique and bold branding scheme that stands out from the competition and could be used across products, marketing material and ecommerce stores. Start Right has since invested in the company and are currently part owners and operators. We redesigned and modernised the Spey Brothers web store with custom content spaces and migrated to additional stores for different territories.

Grass Roots Cooperative - Shopify

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Working along side Woolman in Finland, we helped redevelop a high volume / high traffic web store for one of the largest high end meat companies in the USA.

Finnish Football Federation - Shopify

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Working along side Woolman in Finland, we redesigned and launched the Finnish Football Federation web store prior to the Euro 2021 competition.

Frizc - Shopify

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Working alongside Woolman in Finland, we were tasked with creating a modern and vibrant website for a flavour cards company in Europe, to highlight the strong colours of the product branding we decided to go with Black with white text that really make each product pop.

Rockfest Events

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Rockfest Events is a chain of rock and metal festivals in Sweden. We were tasked with creating a recognisable brand that could be adapted with mascots (graphics) dedicated to the City each event is hosted in. We have implemented this branding in marketing graphics, video, animations, merchandise and a central website. Rockfest Events is where Start Right began with Swedish business partners Karlsson & Norberg and we are currently joint owners and operators. We implemented our unique branding into a very striking and subtly animated website to showcase multiple events with countdown clocks counting down to show days and added a web P.O.D web store.

Taste Differently

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Taste Differently is Swiss based fine wine company, curating and offering very special wines sourced from some of the best and unsung heroes of the wine making world. We were asked to create a full brand book and custom ecommerce website to highlight and showcase each wine individually in the best way possible.

Puhdistamo - Shopify

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Working along side Woolman in Finland, we were given a specific UI/UX concept to implement into an existing store with a large inventory and multiple carousel elements for users to be able to swipe through categories quickly. The project also involved adding a monthly subscription feature to unique products and custom upselling products within the cart stage.

Karlsson & Norberg - Webflow

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We were asked to create simple showcase website to showcase services and link through to relevant info and or other websites affiliated with the parent company Karlsson & Norberg AB.

Fur Faces - Shopify

- In Development

Fur Faces is our newest creation with fantastic illustrations of everyones favourite Cat and Dog breeds offered as prints on a wide range of products from clothing to fine art and homeware. It is a project we are constantly developing for our own fun and enjoyment whilst testing out the best new features of P.O.D eccomerce stores and the tools available make a store successful. This is our own project that we are constantly developing and trialling new P.O.D products and marketing / sales practices and tools to better equip and own clients and their projects.

Concept Brand & Ecommerce Web Designs

Finnskey - Webflow

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A simple clean design for any fine Whiskey company.

Yoghurty - Webflow

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A fun colourful design for food brands.

Chocolatey - Webflow

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An alternative bright and colourful animated designs for new food and drinks brand

Ruoka At Home - Webflow

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Designed for restaurants to offer their dishes so people can enjoy their favourite food in athe comfort of their own home.

Nike - Webflow

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Sports brand web store reimagined with interchangeable colours customised to the product being viewed.